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With all the sight seeing spots that Townsville has to offer from the air, a scenic flight is a must ...Read More




Aircraft charter is not for the select few, after a quick call you'll see how economical it can be ...Read More


Air Taxi


Forget the long rushed journey for that unplanned meeting, save hours and fly with us ... Read More



Meet the Team

We are a team of pilots with a versatile range of experience from many parts of the globe and the most important factor - we are well qualified in all aspects of flight.



Your first step which allows you to fly light aircraft then progressing on to a full pilot licence...Read More


Private Pilot


This is considered as your 'full licence' marking a milestone in your flying career ...Read More



This licence is a step above PPL and well worth having for the versatility it will provide...Read More


Getting Your Pilots Licence - (It’s not as difficult as you may think)

Having a pilots licence opens up a whole new world in your life both in your personal life and your career potential. We find that there are many people that always like the idea but assume the requirements are excessive. Take a look at some of the more common questions;

How long will it take?
To answer this in a period of weeks would depend on how much time you will apply per week, the weather and aircraft availability. The basic licence now is a Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) CASA minimum requirements are for 25 hours of flight instruction. Part time students should complete this and the requisite theory in around 6 months even flying as little as once per week.

What education qualifications do I need?
CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) have no specific formal education requirements for Private Pilot Licence applicants. Any person with an average education level will find the exams are within their capabilities.

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A 30 minute Trial Instructional Flight ('TIF') is a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to fly the aircraft. You will have a pre-flight briefing which takes you through basic aircraft control, instrument orientation, air traffic terminology and safety procedures. Should you decide to continue on with your pilot training, the 30 minutes can be logged and counted towards your training hours.  Book Here

Trial Instructional Flight


From renewals and flight reviews through to night VFR ratings and tail wheel endorsement, we have the instructors to meet your requirements. This course will sharpen your aircraft handling skills and also improve your ground handling skills. This advanced course allows us to  help you become more confident with slow flying, recovery from unusual altitudes, advanced stalls, short field operations and advanced turns. Read more...

Advanced Flight Training

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We live in an area with some huge travelling distances and challenging road conditions. When an unscheduled visit to a remote location arrives at short notice, we are the reliable service to call ...Read More...


Offering magnificent views from aloft, Townsville and surrounds will produce an exhilarating experience so much so that we are confident it become a dominating feature of anyones ‘Bucket List' ...Read More...


Urgent delivery flights or regular occurrence, our light freight service has very often proven to be more economical than any other option for rapid delivery to remote areas at short notice ...Read More...


Have a need to be somewhere remote? Maybe Palm Island? Or perhaps a fishing trip with your pals in the Gulf? Whatever it is, this is where our Air Charter service shines above all other options ...Read More...