Future Plans



Our plans for the coming year.

We are still developing our inventory of aircraft and equipment. To maintain currency, instrument rated pilots will be happy to learn we will have a commercial simulator available before the end of the first quarter of this year. We are evaluating two of the more common approved synthetic trainers to ascertain reliability and support available for operations in North Queensland. As soon as the unit is purchased and approved, we will advise the local aviation community.

We are currently developing a specialist bush and mountain flying program tailored specifically for operations in this region. It will pick up on elements of the Advanced Handling Course and add to that a range of tools to prepare pilots more completely for the unique challenges posed by operations in our region.

Queensland has some outstanding tourist events occurring every year, many of which are better known overseas than they are locally. Cleveland Bay Aviation is working with a number of operators to package some exciting events over the coming year. In addition we are putting together a range of destinations for anglers and other keen outdoorsman.