“Cleveland Bay Aviation” is the trading name for the Townsville base aviation operations of Pearson Aviation Pty Ltd. (

All Commercial aviation operations are conducted by authority of the Pearson Aviation Pty Ltd  Part 141 Certificate No. 141-426855 and AOC No. VT-426855-14 as applicable.

The base is managed under agency with Cleveland Bay Aviation Pty Ltd.

Cleveland Bay Aviation was established in Townsville to address a need in the market place for a truly customer focused fixed wing aviation company to offer ab initio and advanced flying training and flexible and responsive charter and tourist services.

The principals of the company share not just wide ranging international aviation experience but a strong service culture and desire to work with customers, regulators  and other constituents in the industry to produce a safe consistent and affordable aviation experience. 

Our Charter, Scenic, Tourist and Air Taxi clients can look forward to flexible cost effective solutions tailored to their needs and delivered by mature pilots with experience not just in the regional flying conditions but in providing good service.

Students who study with us at any level will receive not just the training required to meet the minimum standards for licensing but will be coached in a range of advanced operational handling and navigational skills to ensure they are more complete and safe pilots equipped with the tools to manage the aviation environment confidently and professionally.

We believe strongly that a proper foundation at the beginning of an aviation career whether private or commercial, engenders a mindset most likely to produce safe and consistent pilots.

To achieve this goal, we will make use of a range of modern and specialist aircraft, each with particular flight characteristics and a number of locations in our region.

At Cleveland Bay Aviation, we treat our customers and students with respect at all times. We look forward to serving you.