Pilot Licences

“…Trees become bushes; barns, toys; cows turn into rabbits as we climb. I lose all connection with the past. I live only in the moment in this strange, unmortal space, crowded with beauty, pierced with danger”

These words were written by one of America’s greatest Aviators, Charles Lindbergh to describe the feelings he experienced on his first ever training flight on April 9th 1922.

In an age, where so much is artificial or contrived, where people experience adventure increasingly vicariously through a screen, real adventure and achievement can still be found in the air.

To fly is a dream most of us have had at some stage. Yet it is not as difficult or as expensive as you might think and a range of possibilities exist depending upon your intentions. Everyone is different in their response to flying training.

It is not a competition but an individual achievement that everyone who does it, finds a defining experience in their life.

Please visit us and one of our staff can talk to you about your interest in flying and help you map a program which suits your budget as well as your timetable.


Standard programs include:

Trial Introductory Flight – Before you commit to training for a licence an excellent introduction can be a TIF. This involves a briefing and then a flight where you will be introduced to the effects of basic controls. This is a relatively inexpensive way to “get a feel” for the training path. This lovely experience on a calm cool early morning can be conducted in any of our machines either from our main base in Townsville or a nearby country airstrip. Ready to fly? Click Here to book a date.

Recreational Pilot Licence – The first building block for your flying career. This is a relatively new qualification which allows the holder to fly single engine aircraft weighing up to 1500 kg solo or with one passenger. Whilst some restrictions apply to the basic licence, additional training can enable the holder to carry out a wide range of aviation missions.  

Private Pilot’s licence - The “full licence” for the private pilot. The freedom to fly throughout Australia. Your RPL can lead seamlessly into the PPL. This is a milestone in your flying career. You may not wish to proceed necessarily to a commercial licence. However you can continue to develop your flying repertoire by adding “rating” and “endorsements” to your basic licence to build your aviation skills. We can work with you to assist you to migrate to more complex aircraft as well as to develop advanced flying skills.

Commercial Pilot’s Licence - Many pilots who have no intentions to make a career of aviation never the less complete a commercial pilot’s licence. Again the RPL and PPL prepare the path for the CPL which takes the framework familiar to the private student and adds a greater volume of knowledge and skill.

Recreational Pilot Licence Conversion – We can assist existing holders of a RAA licence to migrate to the new RPL affording them greater scope of operations.