Advanced Training, Licence Renewals, Ratings & Endorsements

Advanced training, licence renewals, ratings and endorsements

In addition to developing programs to guide you through the process of achieving your flight crew licence, Cleveland Bay Aviation can assist you in further increasing your capabilities as a pilot. Programs include:

i)      Renewals - Pilots, talk to our staff to schedule your renewals and flight reviews. We are delighted to offer refresher training as required. 

ii)     Night VFR rating - Many pilots describe their training for the Night VFR rating as one of the more enjoyable experiences of their flying career.

iii)    Tail Wheel endorsement - Our school is one of the few in the state who can offer a high level of training in what was once called the “conventional undercarriage”. In North Queensland as in many areas requiring bush flying, “tail draggers” are a regular sight given their advantages in the rough. More importantly,Tailwheel training requires a greater degree of precision and handling skills, which will hold you in good stead no matter what configuration of aircraft you subsequently fly. And there is no better rush than executing a perfect “three pointer”.

iv)    Advanced Handling Course - Let us work with you to sharpen up your handling skills. Improve your ground handling skills. Become more confident in slow flying, recovery from unusual attitudes, advanced stalls, airstrip operations and advanced turns. This course is designed to equip you with the tools to give you greater confidence, skill and hence safety in the type of operational skills that are often a reality in our flying environment.