Foxbat Aircraft

Foxbat in the North.

Cleveland Bay Aviation are proud to be authorised representatives in the North for Aeroprakts’ wonderful Foxbat and of course the exciting new A32.

These are sensational aircraft which are awakening the aviation community’s to the true potential and capability of the new generation of light sport aircraft.

Cleveland Bay Aviation acquired our first Foxbat this year. View our Facebook for the journey from Melbourne to Townsville via central Australia. We unashamedly put this aircraft through its paces. We needed to know we could reply upon its capabilities in the hot, dry and gusty conditions in which we operate and of course remote unimproved bush strips.

The Foxbat A22 LS is an exceptional aircraft for the North. Our unit has a payload of 280 kilos, fuel capacity of 112 litres and comfortably cruises in excess of 90 knots on less than 20 litre of Mogas per hour. With a stall speed in the low 30s and an approach around 55 knots, this is a great STOL aircraft. And its climb to 9500 feet was very impressive. And did I mention you can fly doors off!

On the comfort side it has to have pretty well the widest cabin at shoulder height of any 2 seater I’ve flown. This was a pleasure to fly 1700 nm and the helicopter like visibility enhances every aspect of its operation.

Let me not fail to mention safety. This is a steel framed aircraft with a metal fuselage and essentially metal flight control surfaces. It is reassuring to be enclosed in a steel caged cockpit with well anchored 4 piece seat belts.

We are not surprised that there are already more than 100 variants flying in Australia in flying schools, cities and remote properties all over the country.,

Whether you are a private owner seeking to purchase a new robust bush touring plane or a grazier who needs just one aircraft that can act as an aerial utility day to day around the property and yet still be suitable to fly quickly into town 200 nm away to collect a critical part or your son from school, this is the aircraft for you.

Call us on 0419 509 042 or 07 4775 4424 to arrange a test flight.

We can also provide conversion training as well as ferry flight services to anywhere in the country.

For information on these great aircraft have a look at Foxbat Australia’s website and then revert to us when you are ready to fly one.