Meet The Team

Graeme Atchinson

Graeme is from New Zealand where he worked for 7 years as an aircraft engineer with Air NZ Ltd. During this time he gained his Commercial Pilots Licence and a strong interest in vintage aeroplanes co-owning a Piper Cub and Auster J5. Becoming a flying instructor, Graeme gained a valuable and broad aviation experience through a string of interesting jobs punctuated by a 6 month break sailing the South Pacific on a 38ft yacht before ultimately settling in Australia. Recently Graeme Flew his very original 1940 Tiger Moth aeroplane from Perth WA to the Hunter Valley NSW, then onto Townsville QLD, navigating the traditional way as it was done in the 1930's using map, and compass.


Career Highlights have included:

  • Chief Flying Instructor - Northland Districts Aero Club, Whangarei NZ.
  • Chief Pilot - Northern Commuter Airlines trading as "Tranzair" linking air services which were fully integrated within the Ansett NZ network, based at Whangarei NZ.       
  • First Officer for Dakota National Air, flying Douglas DC-3 aircraft, the original and classic airliner based at Bankstown NSW.
  • Captain for Sunflower Airlines flying the picturesque and large network of Fiji air routes in the DHC-6 Twin Otter - Nadi, Fiji.
  • Senior ME/IFR flying instructor for Basair Aviation College raising flying standards and aviation knowledge among the full time course students, many of whom are now flying jet airliners - Bankstown, NSW.


Christopher Gillham

Chris is a commercial pilot and flight instructor with extensive experience of operating and flying in remote parts of the state.

He was born and raised in Southern Africa before moving to Queensland to complete his schooling at Church of England Boys Grammar in Brisbane.  He then moved to North Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Business Studies and later an MBA at James Cook University of North Queensland.

In addition to his aviation experience, Chris has a solid track record in Private Health Management, having operated Hospitals across the North and in facility management in JCU.

Chris owns two aircraft being a C172 SP and a Mooney M20J. Both of which will be online with Cleveland Bay Aviation company services.

He has flown extensively throughout Outback Australia and is completely up to date with all airports and landing zones.


Adrian Norman

Adrian was born in Mackay. In addition to senior executive roles in Sydney and Melbourne, he spent nearly two decades as a senior executive and director in Asia and Africa.

He commenced flying in Malaysia, completing his PPL with Royal Selangor Flying Club in Kuala Lumpur before returning to Australia to complete his commercial licence.

He later moved with his family to Africa where he built and operated his own safari venture in Zimbabwe. In addition he flew for, and managed an aviation company in Botswana flying charter in and around the Okavango Delta and scenic flights over Victoria Falls.

He has owned a number of aircraft and currently owns a Zlin Savage CUB for which aircraft he is the agent for North Queensland and the Northern Territory. The aircraft is on online with the company.

In addition to his aviation qualifications, Adrian holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and an MBA from the University of Melbourne.


John Bearman

John, another Queenslander is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. He started out in the transport and mining sectors but served 19 years with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), from which he brings considerable regulatory knowledge and experience in areas including licensing, safety management, maintenance and operations. 

Born in 1963, he gained his PPL whilst still at school, going on to add CPL , Night and Instructor ratings. As pat of his aviation experience, John worked in the north as a Charter Pilot. He also held an RAA Pilot Certificate for many years. 

John is a passionate aviator and built a Jabiru aircraft in 1996 which he has flown around much of Australia and continues to enjoy on weekends. He is especially well versed operating small low inertia aeroplanes from bush strips in the challenging conditions we face in the North. 



Luke Murphy

Luke was born in Sydney but raised in Townsville. Flying has always been in his blood and he commenced flying training upon completion of high school.

He has been a commercial pilot for several years now and his career has encompassed glider towing and skydiving piloting as well as charter operations.

He is also a flight instructor at 23. Luke also holds a Recreational Aviation Australia pilot certificate and instructor rating. 

Weather by BOM

When planning a flight, predicting what the weather will do is often difficult (even for the experts). Being aware of weather conditions is crucial and it is of paramount importance that all efforts are made to determine as best as possible what the weather conditions will be at departure, enroute and destination/s of your flight plan. Being aware of weather conditions is crucial and it is of paramount importance that all efforts are made to determine as best as possible what the weather conditions will be at departure, enroute and at destinations stated in your flight plan.

Here are some more important Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) links;

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